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Minor Planetary Update I


Allow me to apologize in advance for what may end up being a fairly mild update. It looks like I am set to bank another 50M or so ISK after taxes and fees. That means I have effectively sorted out a way to reliably make about 50 million every 3 days with no work besides resetting extractors and minor hauling which does not exceed 1 hour of work.

By no means is this great or even good in EVE terms, but as a new player with less than 3M SP, you have to take what you can get. Still, from my perspective, it is nice to see such a stable source of income rolling in. I plan on starting a short guide to P1 extractor planets in the near future.

One thing I couldn’t help but wondering about in regards to PI. Like many things in EVE, it doesn’t really pay to give your secrets away verbatim. That usually results in direct competition and a worsening of profits. Now that POCO ownership is nearly universally player controlled though, will we see PI guides that direct users to “Go here, Do this” in an effort to drum up additional tax income?

Probably not, because this is really the antithesis of the fronteirsmanship EVE promotes. Still, it was a funny thought.

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Two Approaches to Planetary Interaction

Over the past few days I have been struggling to find the ideal PI setup for my circumstances.

The main variables I have to consider are very different than many of the players involved in planetary interaction. Many of these players tend to be veterans who are looking for passive income, and interested in minimizing the amount of game time they spend in relationship to the currency they can earn.

I really need a different approach to passive income. That is to say, like those players I still need passive income. But as a new player I still don’t mind spending time at the helm actively playing the game. This means that naturally I am willing to haul more and reset extractors more often.

So, behold my first successful PI setup:



It makes 240 miniature electronics a day which sell for 7,000 isk in Jita. So 1.7M before export taxes per day.

It is fairly low maintenance, but this has become problematic. If I turn up the reources coming into this operation it provides literally no value.

So I decided when setting up my alternate characters to use a different approach:

My concern with this strategy is that resource depletion will become an issue. But these colonies took equal skill to set up. They have similar extractor reset needs and similar hauling needs as well.

The difference is that this colony produces 7680 Chiral Structures a day. At a price of 500 ISK each unit that is 3.84M per day.
So based on what I have seen, for the pilot with a lower skill threshold, producing P1 in large quantities is going to be more of a hassle in terms of logistics and time, but also yield a much larger payoff for the player who is not afraid to invest more time in the operation of such a colony.

When you compare the ISK per hour to just about any other activity, the results are favorable. Also factor in the fact that I will eventually have 15 such planets, and the stakes get even higher.


The Beauty of the Epithal

Let me be honest. I started EVE online for the ships.

No matter what I get into in the game, it seems I always come back around to imaginative musings that involve me puttering around space in some vessel of choice. Not much has changed regardless of what profession I invest time in. There is something just down-right intoxicating about space flight in this game.

So it’s no surprise that CCP decided to keep it fresh by offering such a wide variety of ships. Now I am fairly well versed in the small-to-medium sized subcapitals. But unfortunately I am still learning about the many different ships involved in industry. True to form, I have been flying around doing Planetary Interaction with only about 1,000 m3 of cargo bay.

So after spending some time researching optimal layouts for PI I stumbled upon the Epithal and SO MUCH clicked for me.

Neville Smit has an epithal fitting that you can find here. It is an excellent and well thought out build that will really excel in low-sec. Gevlon also has a well thought out build, and I happened to borrow his fitting of the DCII because the 60% to structure EHP seems too good to pass up.

So we have an amazingly easy ship to fit which will easily take a cloak, microwarpdrive, and a minimal tank all with very little SP investment. On top of that, the PI specific cargo bay is easily more than enough space than a rookie needs with only Gallente industrial trained.

I really cannot mention enough how well designed I find this ship. Based on the dangers faced in hauling through low-sec, I’m finding I need every little bit of help I can get.

This was my first 24 hours of PI. I have less than 75,000 SP in the Planet Management category. It probably goes without saying, but I purchased 2 plex at a 15% discounted rate and began 2 new alts with multi-character training.