Minor Planetary Update I


Allow me to apologize in advance for what may end up being a fairly mild update. It looks like I am set to bank another 50M or so ISK after taxes and fees. That means I have effectively sorted out a way to reliably make about 50 million every 3 days with no work besides resetting extractors and minor hauling which does not exceed 1 hour of work.

By no means is this great or even good in EVE terms, but as a new player with less than 3M SP, you have to take what you can get. Still, from my perspective, it is nice to see such a stable source of income rolling in. I plan on starting a short guide to P1 extractor planets in the near future.

One thing I couldn’t help but wondering about in regards to PI. Like many things in EVE, it doesn’t really pay to give your secrets away verbatim. That usually results in direct competition and a worsening of profits. Now that POCO ownership is nearly universally player controlled though, will we see PI guides that direct users to “Go here, Do this” in an effort to drum up additional tax income?

Probably not, because this is really the antithesis of the fronteirsmanship EVE promotes. Still, it was a funny thought.

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