Training for the Long Haul


Surprisingly, this is not actually a post about hauling or industry. With EVE University no longer under wardec, I have finished up the last bit of training to get into my first T1 battleship. The basic components that had been holding me back were shortcomings in fitting a T2 tank, fitting large guns, and using the right drones. Despite losing some training time to PI, I shored up my weaknesses in each of these areas, and have advanced to ISIS mastery level 2 for both the Maelstrom and the Rokh.

Obviously I do not currently have the funds to fit either of these ships, but the past few days have been good to me, and I am actually getting very close. One of my earliest goals in the game has been to fly with one of the beginner friendly incursion communities. Since I don’t really know what to expect, it’s going to be a learning experience to say the least. I am happy to see though that the EVE University has a healthy incursion running community. With any luck, incursions will be a way to replace the ship and fitting costs I will encounter shortly, and then give me the opportunity to set longer term training goals.

Though I did not spend much time in the game yesterday aside from resetting my extractors, I hope this weekend will be an opportunity to get some time behind the yolk. I’ve learned enough about what I don’t really like about the game in the past two months, however I haven’t really found my niche when it comes to life outside of the captain’s quarters.

So what does this mean for the long haul? Well as I see it currently, I have built up a very broad albeit shallow set of skills. What this has allowed me to do is sample a bit of everything. Now I am getting to the point though where to expand any additional activities is going to require much longer training that ventures deeply into one specific path. It does not help that the two paths I have in mind are opposite polarities of each other. Anyway, I thought I’d expand a bit on what those are.


As odd as this may sound, cloaking is one of my favorite activities in space. Barring null-sec and its bubbles, which I know nothing about as a freshman Unista, cloaking is just as fun for me pretty much regardless of where I am. Whether I am hauling around goods, which could eventually lead me down the blockade runner path, or exploring low-sec in a frigate, it’s a nice feeling knowing I’m out there, but the things that go bump in the night can’t get me.

With all of that said, I am starting to look at some PVP avenues, and stealth bombing seems like it could be a niche that marries up nicely with my interests. I think I’m going to stick a bookmark here and hopefully come back to it later. For now, that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Incursion Fleets

So here is my problem. This would pretty much the polar opposite of the previous pathway. On the other hand a great source of income, and potentially a way to meet some new players and learn a lot about the game. I am really leaning towards this option as it offers me a lot of opportunity to afford things I’ve wanted to try in the game but haven’t had the ISK for.

The major downside to incursions is of course that it may be difficult to contribute properly to the fleets as a newer player, and the fact that it is basically more PVE blowing up red crosses. I am truthfully not a big fan of the PVE in this game. On the other hand, the cooperative element of it may more than make up for it. Have I mentioned the ISK?

So at least for the short term it sounds like I have a plan:

1)      Exceed basic fitting requirements to start flying incursions with E-UNI

2)      Learn the ropes without getting blown up, and decide whether to train for T2 guns

3)      Try to bank enough ISK to support a multitude of endeavors.

4)      Pay my subscription rather than trying to PLEX my account. It is a game after all.

5)      On a longer time line develop a plan to train into a cloaky frigate


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