Resetting My Extractors

This weekend I hauled my biggest payload out of low-sec yet.


With the proceeds I trained Advanced Planetology on both of my alts (This skill costs 7.5M ISK per skillbook).

One difficulty I find that I am having is the poor accuracy of my alt’s scans. I actually make a lot more yield by moving the extractor heads a few times until I see that I have saturated the route between extractor and launchpad fully.

I have nothing but negative things to say about that process. I am going to make getting to 100% accurate scans a goal. It seems like a bad system to me that I can get better results by simply ignoring the info the game is sending me. I’d actually prefer the skills impacted your yield, and it was only possible to extract what you had skill for.

This haul marks the first moment in time where my ISK investment into PI has finally paid for itself. I finally have the liquid isk available to expand my operation. That means putting down 4 more planets total, 2 on each of my alts.

I did some preliminary scouting last night, but I ran into problems with the remaining planets I had to choose from. The planets were either too far away, the POCOs had tax rates that were not aligned with what I’m currently paying, or they met the previous two factors but lacked richness of resources.

Judging from what I’ve seen on the market, the information in the link I’m about to post, and the prevalance of gas planets, I am considering this P1.5 planet setup posted on Greedy Goblin:

It is well thought out on a variety of levels. Primarily though, it produces two valuable end products. One is an excess of a P1 material that is traded in high volume at a desirable price, and the second is a P2 that cannot be generated on a single planet.

Polyaramids are great because the average person involved with PI is lazy, and doesn’t want to bother carting in P1 every few days to keep an operation running. Additionally, such an operation also requires favorable POCO rates, a luxury not everyone can afford.

I believe I have the right mix of planets and tax rates to afford this setup, so I guess I will give it a try first hand and see how it goes.


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