Low Sec Update

Having the past few days off has been great. I got a lot of actual play time in, and didn’t have many distractions. Although I didn’t have much time to write, or even think about writing, the important part is I experienced quite a bit in the game.

I wanted to spend a couple of moments to talk about who I am. And by that I mean Oz Ox, the 30-some-odd-day old capsuleer.

First, I have less than 2 million skill points, and I earn less than 50 million isk a week. This saddles me easily in the category of “very new player.” In fact, my first month paying for my subscription just began. I purchased 90 days of game time for $30 in the event that anyone is curious.

The following is a list of activities I have experience with (listed chronologically):

– Mining
– Flying frigates
– Missiles
– Flying combat ships in the following classes: destroyer, cruiser
– Gunnery
– Drones
– Exploration
– Hauling
– Trading
– Gank Threat
– Flying battlecruisers
– Level 3 Missioning
– Corporations
– Voice Communication
– Player Conflict (War)
– Planetary Interaction
– Low-Sec Space

I listed every single one for a very important reason. I am of the belief that the average player that picks up this game and only experiences just one or two of these activities will not find it a very compelling experience.

There is an overarching sensibility within the EVE community that somehow if a player is not involved with PVP early in their career that they are highly likely to lose interest in the game. I would never debate that this was not the case. But having finally left empire space for the first time this weekend I can say that the formula is not nearly so simple or predictable.

What I would like to touch on is the well known fact that EVE is inherently a game of conflict. Conflict is the omnipresent and universal force by which all capsuleers are compelled. Because of this fact, the educated player should be able to look at the above list again and see that every activity listed outside of the first few basic prerequisites is associated with quite a bit of risk.

I suppose if I needed a “point” to this post it would be that spending two days in low-sec has been perhaps predictably anticlimactic. Hauling in high sec without a cloak was definitely riskier than my low sec travels the past few days.

With that said, I suppose I should wrap up with the “things I learned” bit. Cloaks are your best friend in low sec. Because of unique restrictions in low sec (i.e. bubbles aren’t allowed) and the ease of utilizing the MWD + Cloak trick, basic skill training and ship fitting is enough to significantly mitigate the risks of traveling in low security space. I highly recommend every player train these skills and spend some time outside of their comfort zone.


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