My First Day in Eve University–War, What is it Good For?


Yesterday was officially my first day as a member of EVE University.

I was lucky enough to start my Christmas vacation and be home from the office all day.  Since I had the day off of work I was committed to waiting in the queue even if it killed me.  The interview process was actually quite straightforward, and before I knew it I was being introduced in the corp chat.

I thought it would be fun to try to do a “things I’ve learned” blog.  I will see how committed I can be to it.  But after joining the mumble, and hearing some VERY talented EVE experts talk, I thought it would be nice to write a post about WAR.

Obviously conflict is the a central component to what makes EVE such a compelling franchise.  Up until this point, conflict is something I experienced outside of the formalities of war.  Even market trading will give you a good sense of conflict in EVE.  Just put an item on the market, wait 2 hours, and come back to see that several people have undercut you–in many cases by mere fractions of an isk.

War though, is an entirely different story.  I was very intimidated by the fact that the EVE University’s alliance was at war.  It certainly gave me pause many times.  Also, I wondered why a new player organization would even go to war?  Well luckily I had all of those questions answered yesterday.  Which brings me to the “thing I learned” for the day.

In EVE, war is not mutually agreed upon.  It is “levied” so to speak.  Opposing organizations pay a fee calculated based on your organization’s size (number of members).  This fee is capped at 500 million isk, and ensures that CONCORD will not interfere with war-time operations for the duration of one week (or until either side surrenders).  Each week the fee must be paid to extend the war.  And most importantly, there is a 24 hour notification before this week long skirmish commences.

So the EVE University does not control when/who declares war on them, or the duration of the engagement.  The best we can hope to do is blow up enough of the other guys that they throw in the towel.  So hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with some knowledge of explosions.


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